Kesha made her debut single in 2009 named TiK ToK. The artist received much fame with its success and later on with more features. She is now seeing performing on her classing song Take it off, stripping and fans are in awe as she did it via TikTok app. Read to know more.

Kesha’s ‘Take it off’ on TikTok

Kesha recently shared a video on her social media handles. In it, she is seen wearing a black leather jacket on a crop top. The video starts by her stripping the jacket off her shoulder while showing her back at the camera. Kesha then turns around and performs stunning dance steps. She even makes the video on a remix version of her song Take It Off from her debut album, Animal. Check out the video.

Fans seem to be amused by Kesha’s performance. One user comment “real queen of tik tok” while another comment read “LITERALLY INVENTED TIKTOK” on her post. A user comment read “watching this blow up on TikTok in 3…2….1” meaning that this could be a new trend on TikTok app. Many fans are waiting for Kesha to upload performance on her song TiK ToK on TikTok.

Source: RepublicWorld.