Kesha accuses Donald Trump of ‘fuelling’ racism as Black Lives Matter protests sweep US

Singer Kesha has criticised President Donald Trump for threatening to shoot campaigners protesting the death of George Floyd.

The “TiK ToK” singer took to Instagram on Sunday to show her support for the Black Lives Matter movement as she shared a picture of Floyd on Instagram.

Kesha wrote: “I never felt like it was my place to comment on the issue of racist police brutality, and that is part of the problem. What is happening in this country right now is horrific. The murder of black people, because they are black, by law enforcement, or anyone else is a tragedy every time.

“Racism has never been okay, yet it is part of the history of this country, a sickening part. Racism is very much alive and fuelled by a president who calls white supremacists ‘very fine people’ and then threatens protesters with being shot in a time when so many are suffering. It’s embarrassing, nauseating, and infuriating,” Kesha continued.

“Being a white person, I know I will never understand how racism feels. I stand for equality and I can’t just be silent while the president encourages violence and does nothing to help heal people’s suffering but rather makes it worse.”

She concluded: “What is happening right now is bigger than a hashtag. Black lives matter. George Floyd matters. Spread LOVE not hate.”

She went on to share a quote from Martin Luther King, reading: “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

Protests have continued across the United States following the death of Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis last week after a police officer knelt on his neck while detaining him.

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#Kesha uploads a very hot photo on twitter!🔥🔥🔥

She’s been spending time in quarantine amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

And Kesha took the extra time at home to sunbathe topless in her garden, and shared a snap with fans via Instagram on Saturday.

The singer, 33, was sure to set pulses racing as she stripped off to top up her tan and covered up her modesty with floral emojis.


Kesha gets her boyfriend to apply a butt mask for her every night which she says ‘brings her happiness’ in lockdown

Kesha has opened up about her lockdown beauty and self-care routine, and it’s nothing if not quirky.

Forget exfoliation and DIY manis, the pop star and founder of makeup brand Kesha Rose Beauty is all about the butt masks.

Yes, like a face mask, but for your butt.

Speaking to Refinery 29, Kesha explained how she’s “been evaluating what I need in my life” during lockdown, and applies a butt mask every night.

Or rather, she gets her boyfriend to do it for her, as the two are seeing out the coronavirus lockdown together.

It helps having someone put it on your butt, so that’s another perk of being quarantined with my boyfriend,” Kesha said.

It’s one of those things that, at the end of the night, brings me happiness.

Kesha said she uses Bawdy butt masks, which retail for $9 a pop. Each mask consists of two separate sheets, one for each butt cheek, which you simply apply to clean skin, leave on for 10-15 minutes, then remove.

Formulated with citrus to brighten and rejuvenate your skin,” the online description reads.

It helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and alleviate dullness, leaving your skin plump, hydrated, and radiant-looking. It’s like sunshine for your behind.”

As well as her nightly butt masks, Kesha said she’s taken to dying her eyebrows with men’s beard dye.

I was at CVS Pharmacy recently getting essentials and I saw men’s beard dye and I thought, I’ll put it on my eyebrows,” she said.

It makes them really dark and wild-looking. It’s something that I discovered in quarantine, and it’s the first time I’ve done it on myself.

Although she says she’s normally “too exhausted” to do a full skincare routine, Kesha uses an ice roller and a micro-needling roller before applying moisturizer.

If you don’t know what those things are, take comfort in the fact that the singer said she’s partial to a classic bubble bath (with a Lush bath bomb) and face mask (a collagen sheet mask) too.

Kesha’s still wearing a little bit of makeup, but not as much as pre-lockdown, and she said she’s embracing her freckles.

Before, I was so used to people blurring them out or Photoshopping them that they seemed like a flaw, but now I have come to like them and want to let them live more,” Kesha said.

Everything is natural right now, and it makes me feel like I could probably take that approach into life.


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Kesha Just Wants to Make People Smile

While Kesha has gone through several transformations over her past 10 years in the spotlight, her free spirit and overwhelming positivity remain constant. Her newest album, High Road, is a celebration of going out, feeling every feeling to its fullest, and being unabashedly herself—and her recently launched beauty line, Kesha Rose Beauty, is a similar love letter to individuality.

“A lot of times beauty goes hand in hand with looking like you’re photoshopped, or you’ve been run through four different filters,” the singer tells Glamour. “I wanted to put out my own line that challenges the societal standard of beauty and really embraces people’s uniqueness.”

We caught up with Kesha to chat more about her beauty line and ask her our Big Beauty Questions, a rapid-fire Q&A on everything from the best getting-ready music to the products celebs can’t live without. Ahead, she talks Zoom concerts, how she’s staying sane in quarantine, and her sheet-mask addiction.

Glamour: Why did you decide to start a beauty line?

Kesha: I’ve always loved playing with makeup, and ever since I started putting out music, makeup—along with fashion—has been a huge signature of my style. It’s something I consider myself an expert on at this point because I’ve had pretty much any kind of makeup you could ever have on your face on my face. I’ve used prosthetic glue to stick just about anything you could think of to my face. I love pushing the boundaries of how you’re supposed to use different beauty products. I try to reinvent them and really just blur the lines of what you’re “supposed to” look like. I wanted to put out a makeup line that was playful, fun, and wild, yet very wearable. It’s expressive, bright, and fun.

You performed in Lady Gaga’s Global Citizen Festival a few weeks ago and have been doing some live performances over Zoom as well. How has it been getting ready for these virtual performances? Is it any different than your usual routine?

It’s been very different in terms of performances in every possible way. Usually, when you’re performing, you’re feeding off the energy of the other humans in the room. While in quarantine, I’ve been doing my own hair and makeup and my own styling, which I have all of the tools for. I just usually have some help putting it all together. Before I do a TV show, usually anxiety is running high and it’s a lot more chaotic in a fun way. But now isolation has made me learn how to use all of the different products I have—plus, it’s made me have to figure out how to get them to translate on camera, which has been interesting. For instance, putting on fake lashes. I tried, I tried my damnedest, but it just did not happen.

You must be in such a different headspace than your usual performances.

It’s an incredibly different headspace than my normal performances, but I also just want to do anything I can to help right now. I’m obviously not a doctor or a nurse—I wish I could be that helpful right now. Instead I’m trying to think of the ways I can hopefully bring some amount of joy or escapism. I at least want to be entertaining for somebody out there if they’re feeling anxious or weird. I know I’m going through waves of all the different emotions, so to have some kind of escape, something to watch or listen to, has been super helpful for me.

What music have you been listening to to keep your spirits up?

The past week I’ve been listening to David Bowie pretty much predominantly. I’ve always loved him, but right now I’ve been hyper focused on everything about his music—the songwriting, the delivery, the production. He was one of the best songwriters and performers of all time.

Have you been tempted to make any drastic beauty decisions while in quarantine?

Well, thankfully, I already gave myself an at-home drunk mullet a couple of months ago. It was a weird, spur-of-the-moment decision to dye my hair black and chop it, so I think I’ve already done the most extreme thing I can think of. But I have been going through all the makeup I collected over the past 10 years. I’ve never had the time to sift through everything, so I’ve been sitting on the floor and experimenting with it all. And I’ve been dyeing my eyebrows with beard dye. So that’s some weird life hack that I’ve been doing while in quarantine. It’s amazing—it really works!

What beauty rule do you swear by?

I don’t think there are any rules that are across the board for everybody. But for my own face, I love a feral eyebrow, which is why I wanted to try dyeing my brows and am thankfully happy with the results. I feel put together when my eyebrows are just a little wild and dark and feral-looking. I just like my face better that way.

What beauty rule do you think is B.S.?

Well, I think any rules when it comes to beauty are B.S. because everyone is different, and that’s what makes people interesting to look at, especially when creating. When shooting the promo photo [for Kesha Rose Beauty], I wanted to make sure that all of the makeup was used “incorrectly,” because I think anytime someone gives you a rule you should question it. I don’t think beauty is definable, especially not by anybody other than yourself.

What are the three products that you can’t live without?

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Kesha Thinks You Should Be Wearing Glitter In Self-Isolation

Kesha is bored. Just like the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us, her unexpected WFH situation comes amid a postponed tour and changes to her beauty brand Kesha Rose Beauty that we imagine don’t include any hands-on consultations. “Well, I think that because I’m quarantined, and I’m at home, I have more time on my hands than I have in a decade,” the singer and beauty mogul told during our Zoom interview. So, what is the reigning queen of glitter doing with her abundance of hours?

Her daily routine ranges from the relatable—face masks, Tiger King binges, and TikTok—to the eccentric—painting a green screen wall in her home to film said TikTok content. Ahead, Kesha’s tips for thriving in the chaos and assurance that, yes, she’s worn glitter mid-quarantine.

To start, have you worn glitter at any point during this quarantine?

I have! I was filming a little video for a song I wrote called “Nicolas Cage.” I used my palette and just smeared a bunch of all of the colors—glitter included—all over my face because somehow, it just makes life a little bit better when you add glitter to it.

How has your beauty approach changed during this wild time in the world?

I’ve been trying to get a little sun and also trying to do a face mask and do all the things that I usually am too exhausted to do at the end of the night, after a long day of work. I’ve meant to exfoliate twice a week, and I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup. I’m letting my skin breathe, but I also have days where I put makeup on, and it really does help my mood.

You’ve been sharing a lot with your fans during the quarantine. Has that been therapeutic for you, and have your fans appreciated the new content?

I think now more than ever; I realized that I just want to entertain people because I’m not a doctor, and I’m not a nurse. I think if I can provide anything, hopefully, it’s just a moment of some kind of entertainment during this time because I definitely have realized the importance of escapism in all of this. It’s something to take your mind off of a global pandemic.

If I can, in any way, be just a little bit of an escape, then I’m really happy. If anything I’m putting out is helping anybody just smile for five seconds, then I’m giving my gift to the world, which is just being an entertainer. I try to engage with my fans more than ever now because I have the time to do so. I also just don’t want anybody to feel like they’re alone in any of the emotions because I feel all the same nerves and anxiety as a lot of my fans are saying they’re feeling.

Before all of this, you had a super busy year. What’s it been like to deliberately slow down? How have you been keeping creative?
I’ve been trying to learn how to paint, trying to learn how to cook. Two things I’m pretty terrible at doing. But every day, I just try to wake up and try to do something I’ve been meaning to do for, I don’t know, my entire adult life. I’m also spending a lot of time with my cats. I know that sounds kind of stupid but has been really grounding and nice to just take my mind off of things. I haven’t been that well-versed in editing my videos and filming my videos for TV shows. Because of the quarantine, I’m at home trying to figure out how to film it and angle the lighting and how to play it all. It’s forced me into learning how to be even more integrated with the creating of all my art.

You’ve got a very fun following on TikTok. Did you feel pressure joining TikTok because of your famous song of the same name?

It’s been fun to just fuck around with it and have fun with it. I’m hoping that just dancing around my house like an idiot can somehow bring a moment of happiness to somebody out there because we’re all just trying to figure out how to get through this time. I’m just trying to figure out how to be helpful in my way. I wish I were a doctor. I wish I were a nurse. I wish I could be more hands-on useful. But in the meantime, I’m just playing music for different charitable organizations and just trying to be entertaining. Hopefully, me acting like an idiot can make somebody else out there who’s maybe having a not great day at least laugh at me.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done during quarantine?

I think one of the weirdest things is I just painted a wall in my house green to make a green screen wall. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with that, but I now have a massive green screen in my home.

What are your beauty and wellness recommendations for this time?

I would say do not put too much pressure on yourself because I can find myself always putting pressure on myself to accomplish an extraordinary amount of things. I think right now, we all just need to be just gentle and patient with ourselves because we’re going through something that is unprecedented in all of our lifetimes. Do not get down on yourself if you don’t accomplish wild things.

Recommendations for getting through it is, absolutely swear, if you take a bubble bath, it’s life-changing. I’ve been taking baths every single day and doing a collagen and sheet mask. I feel like it’s my treat for myself every day by getting through a very stressful anxiety-induced time.

Any music you’re loving, shows, movies? Have you gotten into Tiger King?

Oh, God, of course. Doesn’t everybody watch the Tiger King? That lady (Carole Baskin) for sure fed her husband to the tiger. Let’s just be real. Everybody knows that. I want to know what happened to the cats. I need to follow up and make sure that the animals are okay. That’s my lasting impression is I want to know what happened to the tigers.

Oh, Schitt’s Creek is like just for fun. If you need a total escape, that’s a happy, funny thing.

What’s next for Kesha Rose Beauty?

I could talk forever about the makeup because I feel like I’ve had every kind of makeup known to humankind on my face. I’ve glued all sorts of strange objects to my face throughout the entirety of my life and my career. I’ve always loved pushing the boundaries of fashion, music, and makeup. I love that the response to the makeup has been positive because I spent so much time making sure that it was something that I could stand behind, something that I would wear on a red carpet, something that I would wear on stage, something that I can genuinely stand behind. That’s why it took me so long to get it to the point where I can put it out because I didn’t want to settle.

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