Kesha’s New Album Sounds Just Like Old Ke$ha In The Best Way
Picture this: you’re 16 and you just got your driver’s license. You’re driving to Starbucks, windows down. Of course, Ke$ha is playing on the radio. This 2010, before Ke$ha was Kesha. Before her ongoing battle for musical independence from Dr. Luke turned into suing Dr. Luke for sexual assault and battery. (He denies the allegations.) That Kesha is back on her new album High Road.
It’s complicated to yearn for the “simpler times” of Kesha’s early music when we now know she says that time of her life was riddled with manipulation and abuse at the hands of her producer. But putting on the first song of High Road, “Tonight,” will transport you right back to the feeling of being a teenager, of singing about drinking and partying when the closest thing you’ve had to alcohol is a sip of your parents grenadine — which you’d later learn is zero percent alcohol (I assume this is true for all of us).
“Bitch we going out tonight,” a bass voice repeats, hyping you up for what’s about to be a Kesha verse so Ke$ha, you’d like you’re listening to “Sleazy.”
“Okay, we’re going out tonight, don’t wanna stay home / I got my girls to call the Uber ’cause I can’t find my phone,” she sings, which is perhaps the only line that roots us in 2020. “I’m getting ready, mani-pedi, fancy shit with the leathers/Now we’re looking for some trouble like we huntin’ for treasure.”
This throwback isn’t an accident. Another song, “Kinky,” literally features “Ke$ha,” the former iteration of the singer. Following Kesha’s departure from her party persona, and her powerful ballads like “Praying,” the singer says she was uneasy about singing about the more fun aspects of her life.
“I didn’t want to take away from or minimize what I’ve been through by coming out with songs that are about me going out and having fun. And it took me a little bit of time to really come to terms with the fact that I don’t owe it to anybody to be eternally miserable,” she wrote in her Apple Music commentary on Genius. “It’s kind of a sound-fuckery, because you think it’s going to be a ballad and then it goes into me doing my shit-talking—kind of a quintessential off-of-my-first-record thing that I purposefully left off of Rainbow.”
Kesha deserves this triumphant dance party of an album because her legal battle is still ongoing. In October, her third countersuit against Dr. Luke was struck down. While the singer eventually her initial suit in California and New York in 2016, she’s still attempting to fight back against Dr. Luke’s countersuit for defamation and breach of contract. Prominent celebrities, like Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson, have aligned themselves with Kesha, but she has yet to be free from the cloud that has hung over her head this past decade. At least on High Life, for sixteen songs, she is.


Kesha’s Beauty Line Is Finally Available, But You Better Act Fast

Update: Weeks after spilling the beans to us about her new cosmetics line, Kesha’s beauty baby is finally here — and just as cool as fans expected. The highly-anticipated collection, which the star says highlights each of our unique auras, features an eyeshadow palette, lipstick and gloss duo, liquid liner (which Kesha recommends using all over your body), and two different collector sets. Shop them below before they sell out.

This story was originally published on November 7, 2019.

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It’s been a week since Kesha spilled the news of her makeup line to us, and as hard as it was to keep this next part a secret, it’s finally time to talk about the actual products from her forthcoming Kesha Rose Beauty collection.

As you might have anticipated, the pièce de résistance of the five-product release is an unapologetically bright shadow palette — but the Grammy-nominated singer wants it to represent more than makeup.

“It’s more of a happy, fun palette for people to fuck up and get weird with,” she told us, noting that even the name is open to interpretation. “The name of the palette is FTW, which can mean whatever you want it to mean: Fuck the world, find the whales — whatever you want.”

The palette will sell for $36 and features 12 eye colors in a round red velvet case, which is unusual since palettes normally come in rectangular packaging. (You can check out the first image of the palette above, as well as her teaser video below.)

Next up in the star’s collection are liner pens that Kesha hopes you use all over your body. “I have pens that are called Whatever Wherever [Wands] and you can write on your arm to make fake tattoos or use it as a liquid liner that will not move,” she says, stressing that, again, the $28 dual-ended liners are best used creatively. “I am a big fan of taking things and trying to go outside the box of what they’re used for.”

Rounding out the collection is a red lipstick and color-changing gloss duo for $26 as well as two bundles for those who want the whole line: one for $90 with every product and another for $120 that includes a note from Kesha and a limited-edition embossed box.
The whole line will be available on on December 3rd and we’ll update this post with photos and product images as soon as they’re released.


Kesha and the Backstory of ‘Praying’

After four long years, Kesha has finally returned to the music scene with her new single “Praying,” and it’s truly a triumphant return.

Due to a three-year-long lawsuit with her former producer Dr. Luke, Kesha was unable to release music, despite having “hundreds of songs written.”

The single is a total surprise as Kesha only announced it yesterday in an Instagram video. She said,

“Your support and love and kindness has gotten me through hands-down the hardest time of my entire life. My new song, ‘Praying,’ is coming out tomorrow, and I couldn’t have done this without you. I f—ing love you.”

The song “Praying” was written with the help of Ryan Lewis, of Macklemore, and comes with a full music video.

“Praying” directly addresses Kesha’s struggles with depression and identity. The speaking monolog starts off:

“Am I dead? Or is this one of those dreams, those horrible dreams that seem like they last forever?… If there is a God or whatever, something, somewhere, why have I been abandoned by everyone and everything I’ve ever known, I’ve ever loved?”

Kesha also takes aim at Dr. Luke directly, singing,

“You brought the flames and you put me through hell/ I had to learn how to fight for myself/ And we both know all the truth I could tell/ I’ll just say this: I wish you farewell.”

She explained in a Lenny Letter essay,

“This song is about coming to feel empathy for someone else even if they hurt you or scare you. It’s a song about learning to be proud of the person you are even during low moments when you feel alone. It’s also about hoping everyone, even someone who hurt you, can heal.”

She added in her Instagram post,

“I hope this song reaches people who are in the midst of struggles, to let them know that no matter how bad it seems now, you can get through it. If you have love and truth on your side, you will never be defeated. don’t give up on yourself. that’s the key.”

Kesha has been through a lot. Her very public lawsuit with Dr. Luke included claims of sexual assault, as well as claims that he encouraged her anorexia.

Understandably, Kesha went through a severe depression and said,

“There were so many days, months even when I didn’t want to get out of bed. I spent all day wanting to go to sleep, and then when I did fall asleep, I had horrible night terrors where I would physically cry and scream through the dark.”

But Kesha says she is finally in a better place, and her music helped her get there.

“I have channeled my feelings of severe hopelessness and depression, I’ve overcome obstacles, and I have found strength in myself even when it felt out of reach. I’ve found what I had thought was an unobtainable place of peace.”

We couldn’t be more proud of you, Kesha!

You can watch the video for “Praying” below.


Kesha on Dealing with the Holidays When You Have a Mental Illness

Kesha has long been vocal about her recovery from her eating disorder. And although it has been a difficult road for her, the singer has come a long way.

But before she got help, she went through many low points filled with depression, anxiety, and guilt.

In a recent essay, Kesha focused specifically on how difficult the holidays were for her before she got help. She wrote,

“In so many ways, the holidays can throw you off your game — and that can shake you. When you have a routine, it’s easier to manage whatever mental struggles you may be faced with, and when that routine is broken, it can trigger things you may not be ready to face.”

It was actually her struggle during the holidays that motivated Kesha to get help in the first place.

“It was during the holidays when I hit a low moment and with the help of my mother decided to seek help for my eating disorder.”

The low point Kesha is referring to included hiding her purging and uneaten meals from family and friends and physically shaking from sickness.

She previously told Rolling Stone,

“I didn’t know how to even eat. At that point, I’d forgotten how to do it.”

Since going to rehab and getting the help she needed, Kesha is stronger than ever. And more importantly, she has the tools to manage her mental health.

It can be really difficult for those struggling with depression, bipolar, anxiety, and eating disorders to find the right ways to keep their mental health in check. For Kesha, that means meditation apps like Calmtherapy, and taking time for herself. She even has a new mantra: “It’s not selfish to take time for yourself.”

Now that Kesha is on the road to recovery, she’s partnered with the National Eating Disorder Association to help spread awareness about the disease.

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Kesha On Realizing She Needed Help For Eating Disorder: I Didn’t Even Know How To Eat

Four years after checking herself into rehab, Kesha is finally speaking out about the exact moment she realized she needed to start eating and let go of a life of starvation and shame.

She was at a dinner party with friends and family, sitting in front of a plate of food and internally struggling with how she’d hide it.

She told Rolling Stone,

“And I was like, ‘Oh, my God, what if they walk outside and see this food in a bush? Or they see it in the garbage can?’ And I just had all this mounting anxiety. And then finally I was like, ‘Fuck. This. Shit. Fuck this shit. I’m hungry!’ And I am so anxious that I feel like I’m going to explode from all the secrets. All the secret times I’m pretending to eat or other times I’m purging, and I’m trying to not let anybody know. And I’m just fucking sick of this shit.”

Kesha had been body-shamed for years, from her manager Dr. Luke and from others who would compliment her figure when she was really at her sickest. The shame and the standards eventually spiraled into an eating disorder. But her courage led her to seek out the help of her mom and rehabilitation.

The same night as the dinner party, she asked her mom to meet her at a gas station for help, as she came to terms with her sickness.

She said,

“I didn’t know how to even eat. At that point, I’d forgotten how to do it. I just remember crying into a carbohydrate, being like, ‘I can’t eat it. It’s going to make me fat, and if I’m fat, I can’t be a singer because pop stars can’t eat food – they can’t be fat.’”

Kesha and her mom flew straight to rehab, where she stayed in treatment for 30 days.

And with this grueling process of realization and healing came a beautiful album, Rainbow, where we witness Kesha’s liberation, strength, and power.


Sony Music Cuts Ties with Dr. Luke

Good riddance. Bye, Dr. Luke.

The music producer, accused of committing acts of physical and emotional abuse against Kesha, is no longer the CEO of Sony Kemosabe Records.

TheWrap reports that court documents filed by Sony show that he is no longer CEO of the company, and “does not have authority to act on its behalf.”

This decision comes a few years after the peak of the legal battles between Dr. Luke and Kesha, who filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke and Sony back in 2014. The singer states that the company knew of Dr. Luke’s behavior and turned a blind eye to it.

TheWrap also reports that the producer’s contract was set to expire sometime this year, but that the company was looking to let him go sooner due to the backlash against Sony. So did they let him good because of the bad press, or because of the sickening behavior, he is accused of? Sadly, the former wouldn’t be surprising.

We live in a world where many individuals don’t report assault out of fear that they won’t be believed. And based on how assaulters are frequently left unpunished, it’s sadly understandable that victims might have reservations.

People are let go of their jobs for such abusive behavior because of financial loss to the company, not because the behavior is wrong. I mean, look at how long it took for Bill O’Reilly to get the boot. And in some cases, people aren’t punished at all. Isn’t that right, Mr. President?

So yeah, letting go of Dr. Luke was 100% the right choice. But we’re not thrilled it took 3 years.

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Over the last year or so, pop star Kesha has been to hell and back. After battling with eating disorders, a very public lawsuit with Dr. Luke and more, the singer is finally feeling stronger than ever.

Kesha — who entered rehab last year for eating disorders and body dysmorphia — said the disease almost killed her. Speaking at SXSW, she explained,

“If you feel a certain way about yourself, your body — it can kill you. I almost died. I came closer than I ever knew. By the time I entered rehab, they were surprised I hadn’t had a stroke — because I hadn’t consumed enough. I’m not ashamed anymore. It’s emotional because it’s a deep-rooted disease. It can really affect your self-worth.”

Kesha said she took to heart all the online haters and let them affect her deeply.

“I was making trolls, I was making bullies, I was making people I had never met before — who were projecting their insecurities on me, on the internet — I was making them the truth, the higher power.”

She’s also previously asserted that Dr. Luke — who she’s currently suing — emotionally, verbally and sexually abused her to the point of self-harm, which included taking drastic action to slim down.

Dr. Luke is a music producer whose credits include working with Pink, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus. Because of Kesha’s suit against the producer as well as his countersuit against her, Kesha is prohibited from recording new music for a new label.

Despite all that’s going on in her life, Kesha is determined not to let any of it get her down.

“I’m not gonna let hate win. I’m gonna win, and I’m gonna do it, and I’m going to spread love for the rest of my life. My goal is to be remembered for being a positive human being that did positive things to other people.”